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AJAX Engine:
AJAX is a technology that enables web applications to call the webserver without leaving the actual page. It's possible to do this in the background without notice of the user. This avoids loading the same form or page including the html markup multiple times, reduces the network traffic and increases the user acceptance.

The AJAX Engine that you can find here is built upon the webservice standard protocols SOAP and WSDL for transferring the data between the browser client and the web server instead of using a new or proprietary protocol.

The key part of this engine is a small webservice client written in javascript and a state engine that controls the asynchronous communication. The benefit of that approach is that there is no need to invent new protocols and that the webservice framework on the server can be reused.

The server side of this AJAX Engine uses the ASP.NET framework, Version 2.0 and the C# programming language to implement the WebServices and a server side control library. Because WebServices are part of other standard frameworks it is easy to port the engine to other platforms and so there is a port of the core parts to the java platform available too.

This implementation has its focus on building an AJAX Engine and Web Controls upon standard WebServices (SOAP, WSDL) on the web server instead of using a new or proprietary protocol. The benefit for that is that there is no special coding necessary for most parts of the networking infrastructure and that many aspects like caching and security of the WebService implementation can be reused.

Features of this platform:

  • Cross Browser compatible JavaScript framework.
  • Using standard WebServices protocols for asynchronous client-server communications: (SOAP, WSDL)
  • Multiple DataType and XML support.
  • Automatic generation of JavaScript proxies for WebServices.
  • Fast Response.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous method invocations.
  • Client and server side Response caching.
  • Client side AJAX Engine that makes asynchronous client side processing easy.
  • AJAX Actions, queuing actions, scheduling actions
  • Integration into the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms and WebServices compatible
  • Integration into the java axis framework.
  • Many AJAX enabled web controls are available
  • Supports the Internet Explorer and the Firefox/Mozilla browsers.

M. S. Rakha, Ph.D.
Queen's University

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The Ajax engine works within the Web browser (through JavaScript and the DOM) to render the Web application and handle any requests that the customer might have of the Web server. The beauty of it is that because the Ajax engine is handling the requests, it can hold most information in the engine itself, while allowing the interaction with the application and the customer to happen asynchronously and independently of any interaction with the server.

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PHP Poll (perhaps with Ajax) - How to make a poll that displays the new score without refreshing the page? How do you make a poll that updates the mysql table and displays the new score without having to refresh the page? Would it be with Ajax and PHP? Do you know of any good tutorial where I can learn to do this?
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M. S. Rakha, Ph.D.
Queen's University

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