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Modded Phpbb3 :

Currently based on phpbb3.0.5

modded phpbb3 is phpbb3 system with added mods . You don't have to waste your time and search for mods and waste a lot of ours installing mods ,this with addition to the risks of adding mods .The currently available to download of modded phpbb3 have the following mods plugged in . I have faced some problems while the integration between the different mods and they are fixed.
File comment: main forum
1.JPG [ 69.31 KiB | Viewed 9149 times ]

File comment: view topic
2.JPG [ 84.56 KiB | Viewed 9126 times ]

1. phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL V0-6-0 ... t4608.html
This mod makes your forums more search engines friendly which means more visitors and more clicks rate

2. phpBB no dupe V0-6-0 ... te-39.html
Avoid duplicates in the mod # 1 .

3. similar topic ... opics.html
show the similar topics list the the currently viewed one .

4. disallow links before x posts_101 ... &t=1576205
Users can post links until they reach a specific number of posts .

5. RRS2 ... &t=1214645
RRS feeds for your forums .

6. Anti-Spam ACP 1.0.1 ... f=31&t=941
Protect your forums from spammers .

7. Quick reply system ... 9&t=839905

Makes your forums more friendly for users .

8. seo dynamic meta tags ... t1308.html

Same target of mod 1 and 2 .

9. top_posters_1_0_0a ... 5#p4917325
Top posters list in the index page .

10. activity statistics mod ... 9&t=839925
Today statistics in the same day .

11. Thanks mod
Users can give thanks each others .

All these 11 mods , imagine the times you will take to install these mods , and the time you will take to fixed any problems that appears .

Instructions of installation :
1. Upload the phpbb3 .
2. Import the database sql script .
3. edit the config file ( to set your database server configuration ) .
4. administration is :
username : root
password : 123456

Note : to run url re-writing :
General -> SERVER CONFIGURATION -> Server settings
Note : works only with php5
Change the domain name to yours and enable the seo .
File comment: sql script
modded phpbb3.sql.gz [43.37 KiB]
Downloaded 413 times

File comment: modded phpbb3 v1.0 [2.51 MiB]
Downloaded 569 times

Thanks and i wish you like it. :amen:

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