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Customer Controls System in Java
EquipHire Pvt. Ltd. is a small company specializing in hiring small to medium range equipment such as electric drills, electric motor pumps and jigsaws to its customers. Presently all its operations are handled manually. The company owner wishes to automate the functions of the shop and would like to start with an automated rental system.

The company currently handles 3 types of equipment: electric drills, electric water pumps and electric jigsaws. Each item has a unique identification number. Each item has a daily rental rate and applicable deposit value depending on the value of the equipment. These values are given in Table 1

Item Daily Rental Deposit Value
Electric Drill 800 15000
Water Pump 500 7500
Electric Jigsaw 400 8000

Customers have to make a deposit before hiring any equipment. However, when a customer has been a regular customer for more than one year, he/she is considered a trusted customer. Trusted customers are given credit upto Rs. 10,000. Such customers do not require to make a deposit for hiring an item up to Rs. 10,000.If the deposit value is greater than Rs. 10,000 then they have to make a deposit for the balance amount.A customer is allowed to hire only two items of equipment at any given time. When the hiring fee of the equipment goes over 3/4th of the deposit, the customer is sent a reminder to return the item or make an additional deposit to the deposit value of the equipment.

The company always appoints one of its employees to liaise with each customer. The appointed employee is responsible for all communication with the customer.

The project is to be implemented in 2 phases. During the first phase the following requirements have been identified to be implemented.

Registration of customers
Rental of an item to a customer
Return of an item by a customer
Return the balance of the deposit after deducting the rental
Sent an email reminder to the customer when the hiring rental exceeds 3/4th of the deposit.

The company owner would also like to get the summary information during the phase I of the project. A sample ofinformation that the company owner would like to see includes:

Daily summary of each customer and the equipment they have hired
The hiring history of a piece of equipment
The hiring history of a particular customer

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