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In the last decade with the evaluation of the internet, computer security importance appeared rapidly with the need to provide higher level of security for information systems due to the network attackers and intrusions. Finding new techniques and upgrading currently ones those used to allow only the legitimate users to access sensitive data take a big area of computer security researches. The usual way of authentication system that depends on password validation still not enough to provide required high level of security. So we need more intelligent ideas to achieve our purposed security goals.

Using Keystrokes Dynamics Identification:

With the increasing of sensitive information systems and network intruders the trends of protecting the sensitive data. Preventing unauthorized users from accessing your secured data is one of the main requirements of modern security research. Our problem is to provide high level of security authentication and better user identification .Verifying the user who is accessing information resources. So we need more robust techniques to authenticate and identify the system users before accessing the resources.

How Keystrokes identification works?

The commonly known technique usernames and passwords which is used for user authentication has a need to a lot of improvements .Usernames and passwords can be stolen and can be guessed using brute force attack algorithms. Especially in the case of low complexity passwords. There are many alternatives to passwords technique, one of them is the user biometrics just like figure print, voice signature, iris scanning and hand geometry. There is a common issue between these alternatives that it needs a special hardware.

Using the keystrokes biometrics we can achieve a new away of user identifications with small cost. No need for additional equipment because it is already use existing keyboard. Keystrokes dynamics used to describe the unique typing pattern of users. This pattern hardly unique for each user and it can be same in some cases for similar typing text. With implementing this technology we can increase the security accessibility of our information system using inexpensive and easy technique.

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