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Passing parameter by reference,
cpp code
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

// Swap two values.
void swap(double &a, double &b)
double tmp = a;
a = b;
b = tmp;

// Return multiple results.
void stats(double x, double y, double &absdif, double &mean, double &sumsqr)
if(x > y) swap(x, y);

absdif = y - x;
mean = (x + y) / 2.0;
sumsqr = x*x + y*y;

int main()
double a = 10.45;
double b = 20.22;

cout << a << " " << b << endl;
swap(a, b);
cout << a << " " << b << "\n" << endl;

double c = 4.56;
double d = -3.45;
double absdif, mean, ss;
stats(c, d, absdif, mean, ss);
cout << c << " " << d << " " << absdif << " " <<
mean << " " << ss << endl;
stats(22.0, 41.5, absdif, mean, ss);
cout << absdif << " " << mean << " " << ss << endl;

The usual way of passing parameters in C++, and the only way in C, is by value. Each parameter becomes a copy of its argument, and changes to in the function body do not make changes in the caller. This is similar to Java. C++ provides reference parameters, which are denoted using an & in front of the parameter name. Reference parameters become aliases for their arguments, and changes to the parameters immediately change the arguments. You cannot send an expression argument to a reference parameter; you must send something which could appear on the left side of an assignment.

The swap function is a classic use of reference parameters. When the reference parameters are exchanged, the arguments are exchanged since the parameters are aliases for them. Also notice that the stats function receives x and y by value, and uses swap to exchange its copies, but this does not effect the values of c and d in the main.

Reference parameters are by far the main use of the reference mechanism in C++. It can also be used for return values, and, though it seems to have no practical use, ordinary variables.

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