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ASP is a server scripting language similar to many server side scripting languages such as (PHP, JSP, PERL… etc) in having some disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the limited abilities of client event control. In this article we focus on the advantages side.

ASP as server side scripting language has a control on web application logic. The application logic is what you handle using “if conditions” and “process flows” cases, this leads to a dynamic generation of HTML pages. The processing of ASP script ends up with HTML text which is sent back to client web browser, as you may know web browsers can understand JavaScript, CSS and for sure HTML technologies . There is no need to write a simple HTML pages with ASP because writing web pages in HTML increases the page loading speed, and no need for ASP container to parse the ASP code.

The ASP processing starts when a HTTP request received by a web server (ASP container such as IIS-Internet Information Services application server) and from this point the advantage of ASP power takes place, the client side has no control on the ASP processing. Following is a list ASP advantages:

  • It provides 3-tiers architecture.
  • Provide easy way to deploy the new applications and maintenance.
  • Compatible with around 55 languages.
  • Consistent Programming Model.
  • Direct Support for Security.
  • Rapid development to web applications.
  • Easy to learn and install.
  • Existence of a lots of online free tutorials and code snippets.

Three-tier architecture: ASP uses a three-tier architecture, which separates the presentation, logic, and data layers of an application. This allows for a more modular and maintainable application design. The presentation layer is responsible for displaying the user interface, the logic layer is responsible for processing user input and making decisions, and the data layer is responsible for managing data storage and retrieval.

Easy deployment and maintenance: ASP applications are easy to deploy and maintain. The code can be written in a simple text editor and does not require any special tools to deploy, making it easy to distribute and update.

Compatible with many languages: ASP is compatible with around 55 programming languages, including VBScript and JScript, which allows developers to choose the language they are most comfortable with.

Consistent programming model: ASP uses a consistent programming model across all languages, making it easy for developers to switch between languages and work with teams of developers who may be using different languages.

Direct support for security: ASP provides built-in support for security features such as authentication and authorization, which helps to protect the application and its data from unauthorized access.

Rapid development: ASP allows for rapid development of web applications, as it is easy to learn and use, and provides a wide range of pre-built functionality.

Easy to learn and install: ASP is easy to learn, as it uses a similar syntax and programming model as other languages, such as Visual Basic. It is also easy to install and set up, as it is a part of the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server.

You can see ASP code snippets here asp-net-examples/

M. S. Rakha, Ph.D.
Queen's University

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