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Google PageRank is an important part of SEO especially in link building. PageRank can scale the value of the link. Most of us will do link exchange or one way link, so they will check the link value. And do you know how to calculate the score of PageRank? There is one formula which can do some help for you.

Google Ranking Formula={(1-d)+a (RS)} * {(1-e)+b (PR * fb)} * {(1-f)+c (LS)}


RS = RelevanceScore: (Score based on keywords appearing in Title, Meta tags, Headlines, Body text, URL, Alt text, Title attribute, anchor text etc. of your site)

PR = PageRank: (Score based on number and PR value of pages linking to your site. Original formula is PR (A) = (1-d) + d (PR (t1)/C (t1) + a+ PR (tn)/C (tn)), where PR of page link is the sum of the PR of each page linking to it divided by the number of outgoing links on each of those pages. C is a dampening factor believed to be equal to 0.15)

LS = LocalScore: (Score computed from expert documents. Has variables and different values for search term appearing in title (16), headline (6), anchor text (1), search term density etc. Figures in parenthesis are the original values, which may have been changed by Google)

a, b, c = Tweak Weight Controls: (available to Google for fine-tuning the results)

d, e, f = Dampener Controls: (available to Google for fine-tuning the results. We believe that the value of a is currently set at zero.)

fb = FactorBase: (The PageRank scale of 1 to 10 on Google bar is not linier but an exponential/logarithmic one. As per our internal analysis, we believe that it is a base close to 8. This means that PR5 is 8 times more in value than PR4. As such, a PR8 website has a value 4000 times more than a PR4 website. This factor somehow needs to be built into the algo formula. We have therefore taken a fb value to accommodate this factor)

M. S. Rakha, Ph.D.
Queen's University

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you have valuable information regarding SEO .

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Hi, you have given a excellent information about google page ranking ...... Many more thanks for your sharing to this thread.........

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Hi, I convey my thanks to ur valuable information.

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PR is not as important as it used to be. Still it is valued as a big factor in SERPs. It is basically a value to see how important or popular a page is in the eyes of google.

Thanks for the info.

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Google PageRank is a toolbar provides by google. It is help to measure your web pages are relevant to your content. Google page rank depend on how many quality link back come to your site.

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