Bluetooth connection using C# (won't work)

Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:29 am


i am trying to do a project that require the use of bluetooth connection, i was able to do so
on the normal PC(windows XP OS) i used a normal Bluetooth dongle and 32feet 3.3 as a bluetooth stack and it worked fine, i was able to search for devices and get some info

but when i tried to do such on my labtop(toshiba vista OS it has a built in bluetooth chip) it didn't work i have this error" No supported Bluetooth protocol stack found" i don't know why, i tried another 32feet version and it gave an error saying that this version did not support the stack i have. so i tried to use the dongle and disable the built in one, but it gave the same error as the errors i recieved from using the built in one.

can you offer any help, i know there is nothing wrong with the code because it worked on the PC.
please :grin: :grin:
thank you

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